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Day 2 pictures 044
There are a small fleet of vehicles for the city of Zadar. These are located just behind the EMS Institute. Keep in mind, the EMS institute would be equivalent to our headquarters, that housed operations and a walk in clinic.
Day 2 pictures 045
Day 2 pictures 046
Dr. Paul Satterlee, Dr. RJ Frascone, Dr. Arron Burnett, and Brian LaCroix.
Day 2 pictures 048
Day 2 pictures 049
Notice the headroom.
Day 2 pictures 052
St. Paul Fire Chief Tim Butler and President of Allina Health EMS.
Day 2 pictures 053
In Croatia there is a driver, Nurse and Doctor on the unit. This is know as team 1. Team 2 is a driver, and two nurses. Here the driver is doing the morning checks. Drivers help and have some medical training, help move the patients but primary duty is to drive. They are incredibly dedicated and protective of their team.
Day 2 pictures 054
Day 2 pictures 055
Great Pict of Tim and Brian.
Day 2 pictures 057
Day 2 pictures 059
Day 2 pictures 060
Day 2 pictures 061
Day 2 pictures 062
The forward facing seat is a great and much safer. No bench seat!
Day 2 pictures 064
Side view of the ambulance.
Day 2 pictures 065
Translated - Institute of Emergency Medicine, Zadar County.
Day 2 pictures 066
Ambulance Medical Directors office. Way to clean!!
Day 2 pictures 068
Head Nurse of Ambulance
Day 2 pictures 069
Translated - Head Nurse - Technician. In Croatia if you are a nurse and technician are the same job function and training. But men are not referred to as nurses. If you are a male, trained as a nurse, you are a technician.
Day 2 pictures 070
Our first exposure to a Croatian lunch. Nothing processed. Cheese, meat, bread, and sliced vegetables. It was delicious! Note the fresh flowers!
Day 2 pictures 071
Zelco speaking about the operation of the EMS institute. Zelco reminded me of Grew from Despicable me. He not only sounded like him, but bears some resemblance. Zelco is an amazing leader, and oversees the nuts and bolts of the operation. Everything from Hiring, firing, paying staff, non-medical policy and much more. Our jobs have many similarities. Zelco is also a war veteran of the war that ended in 1992. We have incredible respect for this man!
Day 2 pictures 072
Day 2 pictures 073
Our primary hosts for the duration of our visit. They were amazingly kind to us and treated us so well. Tremendous hosts!!
Day 2 pictures 074
The words above us on the canopy literally translates - Emergency Medical Services
Day 2 pictures 075
Great picture!
Day 2 pictures 076
There were an occasionally building still bear the signs of war that was not that long ago. Here this building has bullet holes and damage from shelling. This was directly across from the EMS Institute.
Day 2 pictures 078
Day 2 pictures 079
Day 2 pictures 081
Time to load up and head out.
Day 2 pictures 082
No, not a boarder crossing. Although we did a lot of walking from place to place, no wonder the Croatians are lean and trim.
Day 2 pictures 083
check out the ECG! Very cool!!
Day 2 pictures 084
Back at the Hotel. Dr. Koser (Turbo - Skeeter) is telling us a story. He is quite skilled at this.
Day 2 pictures 085
This is a very nice hotel about 200 yards from the ocean.
Day 2 pictures 086
Day 2 pictures 087
Each morning we would mill about waiting for our transportation. We would often gather just outside the hotel and chat.
Day 2 pictures 088
Picture of Paul taking a picture.
Day 2 pictures 089
At times it was akin to an amusement park ride as a passenger in the vehicles. The driving was crazy. Lot's of traffic. Here Dr. Aaron is hanging on.
Day 2 pictures 090
Zelco, was one of the more sane drivers! We mostly safe when he was driving!
Day 2 pictures 091
Zelco with a toothy smile. I'm telling you he could be Grew!
Day 2 pictures 092
Another building that have remains of the war with bullet holes. Lots of graffiti on buildings. When asked if it was gang related, we are told no, just kids being kids.
Day 2 pictures 093
Hard to tell but this is one of the Zadar Ambulance's running Code III to a call. They only run blue lights, no red or white strobes.
Day 2 pictures 094
Day 2 pictures 095
Day 2 pictures 096
Day 2 pictures 098
This shot is from the restaurant we had dinner at on day one. The marina directly across from us and the nearby island in the distance.
Day 2 pictures 099
Now this is serious. They don't tow your car, they pick it up and drop it on the flatbed! Yikes!!
Day 2 pictures 100
Day 2 pictures 102
Day 2 pictures 103
Day 2 pictures 104
Dinner on day one at a local restaurant.
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