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Ambulance from Sweden that came to Croatia to pick up a patient. Now that's a long distance transfer!!
The LP-12. Tight setup but everything is an arms reach away.
One of the staff from the hotel was out looking at this vehicle with us. He said, "looks like the car from Ghost Busters." We all laughed. Although the lights are all strobes and it looked cool when lit up!
Rick presents the St. Paul coin to the Zadar County Police Chief
Rick thanks the leader who oversees the dispatch center.
Al, looking at the standard issue weapon for the Zadar Police department. Al you will have to remind me what type of weapon this was?
St. Paul/Zadar "Blue shirt" was a gift we gave to several of the leaders we encountered.
Zadar police dispatch center.
The Clausen like version of pre-arrival questions.
Much like our EMD, but in Croatia if it's not a yellow or red, they will ask you to go to your doctor, or find a more appropriate means of transport.
Explaining the system to us.
A number of places on the Adriatic there were areas where there professional harvesting of muscles and other sea food items.
A small snack for all at the Ambulance base. The cherries were outstanding.
Sharing of stories, and how what life in EMS is like.
All of us spitting out the Cherry pits.
EMS institute ambulance. Here we had an opportunity to really dig through their equipment and ask questions. They carry much of the same equipment as we do in the states.
Their cots are much like the 35A cots we used for a long time. They fold out wen you pull them out. They are different in there is no antler bracket and their securing mechanism is build differently than what we have.
Notice how at the end of the cot the stainless steal guard fold up and locks. Very cool!
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